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If your busy life has you ready to do just about anything to get away from it all, a trip to spread your toes in the white sands of a tropical island is just the thing you need to de-stress and breath in the salty air of total relaxation. To avoid the crowds of tourists and experience a truly luxurious island getaway, plan a trip to tiny Antigua and Barbuda. Here you’ll be able to indulge in several high-end activities, all against the perfect backdrop of the crystal-blue Caribbean Sea.

Charter a Yacht

Many of the most beautiful beaches of Antigua and Barbuda are accessible only by boat. Charter a private yacht complete with a crew to sail you around the beautiful, nearly deserted coastline for a once-in-a-lifetime look at paradise. Some charter yachts will also cater your meals, so you can enjoy the world’s greatest picnic on your trip.

Plumb the Depths

Antigua is known for its glass-clear waters, so it’s a favourite spot for scuba diving. If you’ve never tried diving before, you can take lessons from the pros at St. James’s Club of Antigua, where you’ll be near enough to the poolside bars for a break in the action any time you like. Once you’ve learnt your way around your oxygen tank, you can secure a trip to explore coral reefs and even ancient shipwrecks along the coast.

Get a Bird’s Eye View

If you’re more of a bird than a fish, see the island from a whole different perspective when you book a helicopter tour of Antigua and Barbuda. Flying high above it all is the best way to get to remote parts of the islands to see the native wildlife and natural features like the Montserrat volcano.
After you’ve taken advantage of these amazing adventures, don’t forget that Antigua is full of incredible restaurants and relaxing spa experiences, too. Be sure to leave enough time in your trip itinerary to wander along the beach or snooze by the pool of a luxurious resort. When you return from your island getaway, you’ll be totally pampered and refreshed — and you’ll have incredible photos to share with your friends and family.