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Festivals around the world bring people together, and the best festivals in Germany do this with ease.

Festival season can be a great reason to travel to different countries and explore different ways of celebration and community.
Throughout the globe, people of all ages come together to celebrate music, life, art, religion, culture, history, food and much more. This is the meaning of festivals and why they have been such a staple of countries and citizens for decades. If you are passionate about anything, there is sure to be a festival for you somewhere in the world.
At the epicentre of festivals, is Germany.
In Germany, festival season is held year round and appeals to many different audiences including families, solo travellers and experience seekers. Here are some of our favorite festivals in Germany:

Best festivals in Germany


Christmas Markets
Winter in Germany is the time of year for Christmas festivals. As mentioned in our World’s Best Christmas Markets blog, Germany hosts Christkindlmarket which is one of the oldest and best-known Christmas markets in Germany. In addition to Christkindlmarket, there any many other Christmas markets to check out in Germany ranging from small village markets to grand, expansive city centre markets.
January and February mark Carnival Season. As soon as the Christmas markets are taken down, the decorations for Carnival start going up. Carnival takes place most predominantly in Southern Germany and Rhineland. You will also find some festivals in Munich. Carnival is a lot of fun; streets are decorated, parades are common, performers are everywhere, and there is a kind of magic, erratic energy in the air. Definitely a great way to beat the winter blues!


Best Festivals in Germany
Spring brings Easter celebrations and Pentecost Festivals. The centre for these kinds of festivals is Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Furth im Wald and Frankfurt. There are a lot of costumes involved in this festival along with flag carriers, musical performances and horse-drawn carriages. The festivities tend to peak on Easter weekend.
Also starting in the spring is Rhein in Flammen which is a world-famous fireworks celebration that takes place at five locations along the Rhine River. The festival starts in May and concludes in September. In May, the fireworks are in Bonn, followed by Rüdesheim-Bingen in July, Koblenz in August and Sankt Goar in September. This illuminating spectacle is great for everyone of all ages.


Best Festivals in Germany
Summer marks the high season for music festivals. There is every kind of genre you could imagine, in every city, at every price range. Some festivals are ticketed well in advance, while others are open to walk-ins. Ensure that you do your research well in advance before planning your music festival vacation.
In Furth im Wald, there is also a very unique summer festival that takes place in late August called the “Dragon Spearing festival”. In this festival, a very real-looking dragon emerges from the forest and peruses the streets scaring people with its flame-filled roar. Later, the dragon is slayed in a medieval manner in city centre square by Knight Udo.
Lastly, in summer there are a plethora of wine festivals that take place in the 13 wine regions throughout Southwest Germany. Each region provides different wine varieties and is well-seasoned at festivals providing wine tasting, demonstrations and mouth-watering cuisine.


Best Festivals in Germany
Taking place in the fall is the world-famous Oktoberfest. This massive festival is Germany’s biggest in terms of attendance from both a local and worldwide audience. This festival takes place from September to October all throughout Germany with a focus on Munich.
Oktoberfest has become much more than a beer festival, although beer is still the main draw for most visitors. Today, you will find musical performances, dance performances, amusement rides, decorations, parades and traditionally cooked roast dinners and German sausages. Be prepared to taste some of the world’s best beer in some of the largest beer steins ever produced.

Which of the best festivals in Germany appeals to you?

Germany is an alive destination, and this energy is best felt through its year-round festivals.
If you are planning a trip to Germany and want to visit one or more of the festivals listed above, we suggest that you plan in advance. Contact one of our Travel Specialists to help you plan your trip! Accommodation can book up early as the excitement of the festival nears. To really enjoy your vacation, in a stress-free kind of way, start planning today!
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