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If you live in Canada you know that to get exotic, remote, warm, adventure and fun you are going to have to get through a flight of at least 5 hours or more.
We know that pins and needles, back pain and bloating are not exactly what you want to experience moments before you land in your dream vacation. But the truth is none of that is actually part of flying. In fact, flying can be enjoyable….yes, I said it, flying can be enjoyable IF you have the right know-how.

Get off on the right foot (one that is not numb) with these flying tips and tricks from our team of experienced travel specialists.

“My best advice – SOCKS! My feet always get cold.”
– Angela Kibsey
“On long flights (over 7 hours) that depart your destination late at night, try to get at least 4 hours of deep sleep mid flight.  Stay awake for the first hour or two after take-off (have a bite to eat and a glass of wine).  Then try and get to sleep.  Make sure you set your watch to the local time of your destination.
On arrival, do not be tempted to take a nap – stay up as long as you can, then get a good night sleep your first night.  The next morning, you should be refreshed.”
– Jack Summy
“Business Class”
-Veronica Alward
“I used to say a good book and a window seat were all I needed but now
that I am older…..my daughter gave me a wonderful neck pillow which is awesome
to have, plus drink lots of water to stay hydrated and get up and move about as often
as possible from my aisle seat.”
-Cathe Smith
“Once you clear security, buy/refill waterbottles and take as much as you can with you. Flight attendants never give you enough!”
“lot of leg room and be sure to hydrate by drinking a glass of warm water every hour on the plane.”
-Jane Marsh
“Drink lots of water and get up and walk the aisles a few times during the flight.”
-Craig Chantler
“I do 2 things: I drink a lot of water throughout the flight and I sleep during the flight.”
-Joanne Hopkins
“A good book, snacks and regular strolls”
-Shelley Parry
“Walk the aisles of the plane a few times during the course of the flight. Drink lots of water (rehydrate) and watch lots of movies (passes the time more quickly – where else can you watch three movies in a row?).
“Dress comfortably!  Drink lots of water
Bring a book or Ipad!
-Barb Derbowka
“Stay hydrated. Drink plenty of water and avoid carbonated soda and alcohol.”
Ian Glen
“Take 2 books you have been wanting to read.”
-Steve Foote
-Sharleen Dickson
“Always try to get an aisle seat, A window might be nice to try to get some sleep but then you might be stuck there. With an aisle you can at least get up and walk around every hour or so to stretch your legs (it’s not good for your circulation to sit in one spot for too long).”
Denise Partridge
“Water – water – water
Try to stay away from too much alcohol and sugary sodas ..
And takes lots of walks to the washrooms”
“Books and comfortable clothes. I also always travel with a sarong as it can be used as a blanket, shawl etc.”
-Angela duQuesnay
“Melatonin to be able to sleep and lots of water! Help a lot for the Jetlag”
-Stephanie Simpson
“Keep hydrated (no alcohol) and keep moving.”
-Tracy McGinnis
“Wear compression stockings to prevent deep vein thrombosis.”
-Susan Marriott
“Right after take-off, set your watch to your destination’s time. This helps to re-set your body’s clock.”
-Susan Elliot
“Upgrade wherever and how ever possible at least on the longest segment of your journey.  Use those loyalty points where you can.
If you can only do it one way – do it on the way to your destination so you arrive somewhat refreshed.
Failing that … try and sneak in the 30 minute naps here and there.  Better than forcing yourself to stay awake.
Stay hydrated – always stay hydrated.
Noise canceling head phones; download your favorite mini-series or movies etc…
If traveling with small children – go to the dollar store and buy something for them to open perhaps every 2 hours.  Play dough, cards etc…
You don’t have to spend a fortune and they are excited to open a small wrapped gift that can keep them entertained while you sneak in the 30 minute nap”
-Anita Stefanyk-Malo
“Drink water. Helps with the travel related recovery at destination ….”
-Brian Hawksworth
“Dress comfortably”
-Nita Nestman
“Stay hydrated and pack your own light blanket in your carry-on.”
“These days, my clients top priority is getting a good seat.
They all want preferred seating, comfort plus or whatever each airline calls it.
It has also become the biggest headache. They all want legroom.
Pay for a good seat with extra room.”
-Paul Takacs
“Take a window seat ….
You can curl up against the window to sleep.
You do wake others to go to the bathroom, but they do not wake you.”
-Trevor Leggatt
“Adavan and business class work really well”
-Kathy Paterson
“Bring a water bottle that you fill and refill and refill while at the airport, on the flight – drinks lot’s of water. Make sure to wear comfortable layers. Annnnndddddddd if you bring a gift for the flight attendants and those working the check-in desk it can go a long way on upgrades (if leaving Turkey – real Turkish delight, if leaving Belgium, some nice chocolate etc etc) teehee. ?”
-Julia Lutchman
“Keep hydrated!”
-Erin Wallace
“Stay hydrated, with water.”
-Shelley Ewing
“These days everyone has a personal device  – smart phone or ipad or a lap top
Ensure that you are charged up or have an external charger for those long flights.  Downloading a movie or tv show to take with you will pass the time.”
-Laurielee Rosser
“Anti bacterial wipes to wipe down the tray table, arm rest, and anything else that I might touch.
A plastic shopping bag to line the seat back pocket with my things. Seat back pockets are one of the dirtiest things on a plane.”
-Melanie Hersom
“Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate ..
Wear comfortable clothes ..
Buy and use on the flight – Arrive Revived – from the Saje store – it works like a charm for me when travelling through several time zones ..”
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