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When we experience yoga on vacation, we allow our mind, and our body, to go on holiday.

The best vacations are spent in tranquility. Giving your mind a break from the hectic day-to-day life is never something you will regret and always something that you will need.
Yoga retreats are popping up all over the world, offering a range of accommodation from five-star luxury to complete nature immersion. They are quickly gaining popularity amongst solo and couple travellers alike.
In this blog, we are going to touch upon five of our favourite yoga retreats in South America. Each retreat offers something slightly different, whether it be the location, philosophy, or accommodation.
Before we dive in, take a moment to ask yourself what is it that you really need on your next vacation. Do you need something with a bit of luxury? Emerson in nature? Complete serenity? Or perhaps a blend of all of the above?
As we go through our top four resorts, keep your needs in mind. After all, it is your opportunity to get connected to yourself.

Top 4 Yoga Retreats in South America

Pura Vida, Costa Rica

The Pura Vida mantra encourages guests to “enjoy your journey of inner exploration and outward adventure”. The location spans over 8 acres and is surrounded by a coffee plantation.
There are eight styles of accommodations on site ranging from the luxurious Lila Suite, to the eco-chic tantalows. All accommodation includes three daily meals.
Yogis will enjoy various options including multiple-day retreats, Mind + Body + Spirit packages, and of course nightly accommodation and self-guided programs. For those participating in self-guided programs, there are two yoga classes offered daily and unlimited access to the yoga halls.
The wellness centre at Pura Vida is also very noteworthy, offering unique treatments from world renowned practitioners that are drawn to the region because of its natural healing qualities. These include Aquatic bodywork, Asian bodywork, Ayurvedic treatments, Bio energetic healing, and sound healing, just to name a few.

Na Balam, Mexico

Na Balam is the first and only yoga hotel on Isla Mujeres. The yoga centre within Na Balam is called Vastu and offers a variety of programs including retreats, workshops, yoga teacher training and daily classes.
Na Balam has a lot to offer guests. Their extensive yoga programs are very enticing, as is their full service hotel. With five types of room categories and white sandy beaches right outside your door, this is the type of vacation where you could potentially blend a yoga and family holiday. Familes will enjoy lounging at the beach and exploring the crystal clear turquoise waters.
The restaurant on site prepares Mexican, Italian and Mediterranean cuisine, which will appeal to a wide range of guests.
Na Balam allows guests to dive as deep into their yoga practice as they would like, while enjoying other island wonders such as snorkeling, scuba diving and romance.

Aqua, Nicaragua

Located on Nicaragua’s Emerald Coast, this is a truly special spot with a private beach cove and unlimited surrounding jungle.
Here, tranquility is a way of life.
All accommodation at the resort is treehouse style, but don’t let that fool you into thinking that it’s not luxurious – it is! There are three options for accommodation: Studio, Suite and Villa. The Villa is the most equipped for luxury, but all three have their own unique flavour. Aqua Wellness Resort focuses on environmental practices, one of which are the treehouses that provide all guests with a stunning sunset each and every night.
For your yoga practice, you can choose from self-guided, various wellness programs, or retreat style. Each option is designed with a different traveller in mind and should be decided upon pre visit. Whichever option you choose, the open air yoga shala that looks out onto the emerald waters is a must-see on the first day.
Other activities in the area include trekking, surfing, fishing, snorkelling and of course spa wellness.

AK’BOL, Belize

The name Ak’bol means ‘heart of the village’ and as Ak’bol was Belize’s first Yoga retreat, the name seems very fitting.
Here you can enjoy a variety of retreats, each one focusing on a slightly different interspective practice. Self-guided trips are also an option, with daily classes offered in an overwater thatched roof yoga studio.
There are three types of accommodation: sea front cabanas, sea garden cabanas and village rooms. Each option includes daily meals and yoga classes. The style of the resort is very boho-chic and oozes serenity.
Just a quarter mile away is the second largest barrier reef in the world, so if you are into diving or snorkeling, this is your blended haven.

“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it’s about what you learn on the way down” – Jigar Gor

A yoga practice at home can be a great experience, but when we have the opportunity to combine yoga with wellness, adventure, travel and a new place we create space for something amazing and transformative.
If you are thinking about gifting yourself a yoga or wellness vacation but have questions about where to begin, contact one of our travel wellness consultants today. They would be happy to handle the details as you prepare for one of the most amazing, life-changing experiences.
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