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With over 7000 islands in the Caribbean we get this question a lot – which Caribbean island should I choose?

There is no hard and fast rule. In almost every island in the Caribbean you will find beautiful beaches, friendly people, warm weather and of course turquoise blue waters.
In saying that, each island is diverse and has its own unique flavour.
There are many considerations that go into choosing an island, such as the type of vacation you are looking for or accessibility from Canada. But, for this list, we are going to stick to one type of criteria to help you narrow down your search.

Solo, family or couples travelers

Solo travellers

Curacao:Curacao is a solo traveler’s dream. If you’re looking for a more laid back, cultural trip this is the island for you. In Curacao, you will find beautiful hidden beaches and towns rich with culture. It’s the perfect place for strolling around, embracing the culture and completely checking out on white sandy beaches.
British Virgin Islands: Voted as the #1 best island for solo travel fromislands.com, this island is diverse. Offering exciting day trips such as yachting or scuba diving, in partnership with golden sunset cocktail parties
Bahamas: If you’re the kind of solo traveller that likes to get out and meet new people this is the place for you. The Bahamas is alive with resorts, parties, casinos, nightclubs, and beautiful beaches. It’s also very easy to access from North America, making it a perfect quick getaway.


St.Lucia: The setting of St.Lucia is very romantic, it’s dramatic cliffs, and open-air resorts are simply stunning. This is the perfect island for an adventurous couple looking to get out and explore with whale watching, scuba diving and much more.
Jamaica: Jamaica has a very fun, playful energy. It offers various levels of couples only and all-inclusive resorts. Its list of offerings is also extensive including good food, good people, and good fun. If you are the kind of couple that enjoys a bit of mingling and fun, you will love Jamaica.
Dominica: Home to a UNESCO World Heritage park there is lots to do and see. This is a great island for adventurous couples. Dominica is less known for its beach and more for its beautiful nature and wildlife, both on land and in the water.


Aruba:This is a stress-free island and vacation. There is minimal planning that needs to go into a trip to Aruba. Easy to get to from North America and loaded with all kinds of family friendly resorts. With lots to experience inside and outside of the resort, there will be something for everyone.
St.Kitts:If your family is into excursions and day trips this island is your playground. Lots to do for everyone young and old. There are also many established hotels and resorts around the island, perfect for families.
Barbados:The weather in Barbados is very favorable and relatively stable. It’s known for its never-ending white sandy beaches and resorts. Families will enjoy various actives and something for everyone to enjoy, from spas to golf courses to fun filled day excursions.

What kind of traveller are you?

Depending on what you are looking for, who you are going with, and what time of year you’re travelling, the Caribbean always has an island that will deliver.
This is just the first piece of the puzzle when choosing a Caribbean island that is right for you.
Contact one of our travel specialists to customize an itinerary and list of islands that suit your specific needs.
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