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Planning to see a lot during your European vacation?

Eurail is a great option for travellers who want to explore more than one city on their vacation to Europe.
Rail throughout Europe is very extensive, meeting most corners of every country. Not only does rail get you to your destination in a timely fashion but, it also provides for a huge opportunity to see the countryside, and pass by small towns and coastlines, that you would have otherwise missed. For solo travellers, it’s also a great way to meet fellow travellers.
Imagine the freedom of exploring any country, anytime, without the hassle of driving in a foreign country, or spending precious vacation hours in a flight terminal. Eurail can make that possible with their vast rail system and worry-free scheduling options. Sit back, relax and enjoy the quintessential countryside with stress-free travel within Europe.

Eurail currently serves 28 countries


Eurail pass options

There are five pass options: global, one country, two countries, three countries and four countries. Each of the passes have flexible date options from as little as 3 days in one month, or up to 3 continuous months.
The global pass is valid for all 28 countries listed above. The country combining passes are valid for bordering countries, a popular itinerary for the two country pass is France & Italy. For the four country pass, popular itineraries include France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland or Austria, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary.
Because many countries in Europe are close to each other in proximity, travelling around from one to another is not difficult, especially with Eurail. See the full map below:EurailRoutes

If you have any questions regarding Eurail or need some assistance in creating your dream itinerary, please contact one of our experienced travel specialists

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