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If you long to experience the sights and sounds of great European cities at a leisurely pace, cultural cruising may be the vacation option you’ve been dreaming of. If the very word “cruise” conjures up images of slushy drinks, sunburns and beaches packed with English-speaking tourists looking for the next party, take a deep breath: cultural cruising through Europe is like the party boat’s sophisticated, art-loving cousin.

Explore Europe at a Leisurely Pace

One of the finest features of a cultural cruise down one of Europe’s great rivers, such as the Danube or the Rhine, is that you can see a great swath of the continent without an exhausting flurry of activity or the stress of booking multiple hotel rooms and plane or train tickets. Your cabin becomes your home away from home while you absorb the changing scenery and disembark to explore world-class museums, palaces, parks and castles in your own sweet time.

Choose Your Own Adventure

When you choose a European river cruise vacation, you have the luxury of choosing as much or as little support from the crew as you wish. If you crave adventure and wish to immerse yourself in the culture of a city, simply stroll around on your own and try the language for yourself. If you prefer guided tours and structured outings to help you get your bearings or understand the local customs, you can sign up for excursions and activities tailored to your interests.

Popular European River Destinations

There’s an itinerary for every taste, so consider your interests. Some popular destinations include:

The length of European river cruises can vary, though most are one to two weeks long to allow travelers to take advantage of a pace of travel that allows for an in-depth look at all the art and culture that Europe has to offer.

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