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Have you ever been to Kauai, Hawaii, or considered it for your next vacation? The state of Hawaii is now open to travellers. When you are ready to travel again, this is one destination you’ll want to add to the top of your bucket list!

Kauai retains a truly wild beauty, with waterfalls carving their way through canyons and mountain ridges. It features soft, beautiful white sandy beaches, and cliffs that seem to soar right out of the sea! Its beauty is undeniable, and a must-see.

Entry Requirements for Kauai, Hawaii

Once your flights to Kauai are booked, all adults 18 and over must register with the state of Hawaii Safe Travels online system.

Canadian residents’ passports must be valid for the expected duration of your stay in Hawaii.

Quarantine Requirements for Kauai, Hawaii

At this time, all out of state travelers arriving in Kauai will be subject to the 10-day quarantine, unless the traveler chooses to participate in either the Inter-Island Travel or the Transpacific “Resort Bubble” 3 Day Quarantine option.

The County of Kauai has announced the following new travel protocols for both inter-island and mainland travelers effective Tuesday, Jan. 5:

Inter-Island Travel – No Quarantine

Travelers flying to Kauai from Oahu, Maui or the Big Island who have been in Hawaii for more than 72 hours before departing for Kauai, can avoid quarantine by taking the following steps:

• Create a Safe Travels account and complete the mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form: https://travel.hawaii.gov/

• Take a pre-travel test from one of the State of Hawaii’s Trusted Testing and Travel Partners after you have been in Hawaii for more than three days, but within 72 hours of departing to Kauai: https://hawaiicovid19.com/travel-partners/

• Upload negative test results to your Safe Travels account. (The Safe Travels program is currently being updated to accommodate Kauai travelers. For now, travelers should plan to present a hard copy of their negative test result for review at Lihue Airport.)

• Safe Travels records will be used to verify that you have not traveled out of state in the past three days.

Transpacific Travel “Resort Bubbles” – 3 Day Quarantine

Travelers from out of state now have the option of a shortened three-day quarantine by participating in the resort bubble post-travel testing program.

Travel protocols are changing often. For the most up-to-date information on Kauai’s current travel protocols, please visit https://www.kauai.gov/COVID-19.

Why We Think Kauai, Hawaii is a Great Destination for Canadians

Kauai is Hawaii’s fourth largest island that is nicknamed the “Garden Island” for good reason: 97% of Kauai’s land is composed of lush mountain ranges and rainforests! This is the oldest and northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain that is covered in many beautiful landscape elements such as emerald valleys, mountain spires and jagged cliffs, tropical rainforests, and flowing waterfalls.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

Much of Kauai is only accessible by sea or air, which will take you to truly unbelievable views! There are so many outdoor activities to enjoy on Kauai that will be more than enough to keep you busy during your stay. You can kayak the Wailua River, snorkel on Poipu Beach, hike the trails of Kokee State Park, or go ziplining above Kauai’s lush valleys, just to name a few options! This island’s down to earth atmosphere and rich culture found in small towns make it truly memorable.

Kauai Weather and the Best Time to go

Hot Season: It is hard to pass up visiting during this time of year! Summer season starts in May and goes until October. The weather is perfect for the beach, with highs around 28-30°C and lows of only around 20°C.

Cold Season: The winter season on Kauai is from November to April. The rainy season that occurs from December to March doesn’t stop visitors looking for a winter getaway – it’s actually the peak travel season on Kauai! During the winter season you’ll experience temperatures around 23-24°C, Average precipitation is high, especially in December. To avoid the rain, vacation on the west and south coasts, which tend to be drier. But in Kauai, rain showers are very brief and don’t last days, or even hours.

Best Time to Visit: We think that the best time to visit Kauai is between September and November, or between April and June! During these times, the weather is pleasant, and airfare and hotel rates drop. Since weather is amazing most of the year, it’s best to get your vacation in early; before school breaks start, if you want to avoid the crowds!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

What to Do on Kauai – Best Activities and Excursions

Waimea Canyon - Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

VISIT Waimea Canyon

Waimea Canyon, on Kauai’s West Side, is described as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific.” Although it is not as big or as old as the actual Grand Canyon, you won’t encounter anything like this geological wonder elsewhere in Hawaii. The Waimea Canyon stretches 14 miles long, 1 mile wide and more than 3,600 feet deep! The Waimea Canyon Lookout provides panoramic views of wild foliage, tropical cliffs, green-and-pink scenery, captivating waterfalls, and striking rainbows.

One of the most popular things to do at the canyon is to explore its hiking trails! Waimea Canyon’s hikes offer something for everyone, whether you are looking for a relaxing stroll across the canyon or you’re an enthusiastic adventurer looking for a challenge. Experience the natural splendor of Kauai’s Waimea Canyon on a guided tour, learn about the fascinating geologic history of the canyon and stop at several vista points along the way for great photos. Visit the historic island town of Hanapepe and see highlights of the southern coast, including the Koloa Sugar Mill, Spouting Horn blowhole and the luxurious beach resorts of Poipu.

SEE Kokee State Park

Located North of Waimea Canyon on Kauai’s West Side is Kokee State Park. This state park is covered in forest, wildflowers and hiking trails, making it an excellent spot to see native plants and colorful Hawaiian forest birds like the apapane, iwi and moa. The park also offers some of the state’s finest hiking trails. Some trails lead to views of Waimea Canyon, others wind through wet forests with sweeping views of valleys opening to the North Shore.

Spread over 4,325 acres, Kokee State Park features trails leading to scenic lookouts like the Awaawapuhi Trail and hikes for the family, like Cliff Canyon and Black Pipe Trail. The Kokee Natural History Museum is a must-stop shop for information about the park and the trails. Exhibits will give you an overview of the park and Waimea Canyon.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

EXPLORE THE Napali Coast

Spanning 17 miles along Kauai’s North Shore, the Napali Coast is a sacred place known for its extraordinary natural beauty. Emerald cliffs with sharp ridges tower above the Pacific Ocean, exposing beautiful beaches and waterfalls that fall to the valley floor. The rugged terrain appears the same as it did centuries ago when Hawaiian settlements thrived in the deep, narrow valleys.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideThe Na Pali Coast is only accessible from May through September because of high winter surf and weather conditions.

There are many ways to experience the Napali Coast – let’s explore some of them!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide


Hiking is also an option along the Napali Coast. There are numerous trails to explore, but the most famous hike on Kauai is the challenging 11-mile Kalalau trail along the Napali Coast. Beginning at the end of the road at Kee Beach, most people hike in and stay at least one night before returning. Others limit their hike to the first two miles, which leads to Hanakapiai Beach. Whichever you choose, you’ll be treated to amazing views of Kauai’s North Shore

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideGO Sailing ON KAUAI

Experience the wild beauty of Kauai’s breathtaking Napali Coast on a sailing and snorkeling cruise where you can see an unbelievable perspective of soaring emerald sea cliffs, sparkling waterfalls, and remote beaches, all from the deck of a lavish catamaran! Explore the island’s vibrant underwater world during a snorkeling stop on your sailing tour where you can snorkel among native fish and other marine life like dolphins, whales, and sea turtles. Contact your TierOne Travel Consultant for the best sailing tour rates!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideFlying TOURS OVER KAUAI

All of these options are amazing, but aerial tours might be the best way to grasp the magnitude of the Napali Coast. Soar over Kauai on an aerial adventure with a local helicopter company – ask your TierOne Travel Consultant for options!

You’ll also get a front-row seat to scenic areas that are largely inaccessible by land or water, such as the iconic Manawaiopuna Falls, which was a backdrop in the film “Jurassic Park”. View the spectacular shoreline as you fly toward the Bali Hai Cliffs along the North Shore and Mount Makana. Travel past the tropical rainforest, Mount Waialeale (one of the wettest places on Earth!) and end your flight over the Hanapepe Valley, which is famous for its scenes in the movie, Jurassic Park.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideVISIT Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse

Perched at the northernmost tip of Kauai, the 52-foot Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse was built in 1913 as a beacon for traveling ships. Although its light was turned off in the 1970s, it still serves as one of the island’s most visited attractions. The view off the rugged northern coastline and the deep-blue Pacific makes this the perfect vantage point for photos. The lighthouse is located within the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge, a sanctuary for seabirds. Signage throughout the refuge identifies the area’s bird species, including frigates, shearwaters, boobies, and Laysan albatrosses nesting on the property. This picturesque peninsula is a must-see on your visit to Kauai’s North Shore!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideVISIT THE Kilohana Estate

Past Lihue and heading toward the Kauai Community College campus is Kilohana, a restored plantation estate that provides a glimpse of life in the 1930s. The site of a Tudor mansion, the estate was home to one of the island’s most famous families. Manicured green lawns surround the estate, which now features a restaurant and several unique shops like the Koloa Rum Company. Once the center of a 27,000-acre sugar plantation and the hub of Kauai business, cultural and social life, the 35-acre estate now features tropical gardens and an old plantation village. The classic Kauai Plantation Railway gives you a tour of Kilohana’s working farm. Kilohana is a picturesque venue that’s perfect for tours, gatherings, and luaus!

Kauai’s Best Scuba Diving and Snorkelling

As amazing as Kauai is on land, you can discover even more incredible sights from the water. While prospering gardens and rainforests get a lot of attention on Kauai, the island also presents a wide range of snorkeling and scuba spots to explore under the sea. Ask your TierOne Travel Consultant about the best scuba diving and snorkelling tour options! Or, if you want to go on your own, here are our recommendations:

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideKAUAI Snorkeling

On the North Shore, fantastic shoreline snorkeling beaches include the reefs off of Kee Beach and Haena Beach Park. Anini Beach offers a lagoon great for beginning snorkelers. Makua, or “Tunnels” Beach in Haena also has a wide reef area that’s a great one to experience. Be sure to check ocean conditions and currents prior to going out, especially during the big north shore swells of the winter.

On the East Side, Lydgate Beach Park offers a safe snorkeling lagoon great for children snorkelers just starting out.

On the South Shore, Poipu Beach State Park offers amazing, protected areas for snorkelers.


Kauai also offers a variety of scuba sites for beginners and experienced divers. Dive tours offer plenty of tropical fish, reef creatures, dolphins and honu (Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles) to discover. Experienced divers will generally find more thrilling spots on the east and west shores, including cave exploration and lava tubes.

Whether you are certified for diving or not you will be able to have an amazing underwater experience.

Those new to scuba should start on the north or south shores (Hanalei, Kee Beach, or Poipu Beach). Ask your TierOne Travel Consultant about the best scuba diving companies on Kauai!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

Whale Watching on Kauai

Kauai whale-watching tours are a must-do in Hawaii! From December to May, you are likely to catch a glimpse of a majestic kohola, or humpback whale, off Kauai’s shorelines. The whales come to the warm Hawaiian waters every year to breed and give birth to new calves. Witness whales breaching & singing, and dolphins jumping & spinning and treat yourself to scenic ocean views as guides take you to the best spots to observe whales playfully surfacing, tail slapping, or blowing spouts in the air! Regulations prohibit boats from approaching within 100 yards of a whale and you should never swim with or touch whales or any other marine animals.

Contact your TierOne Travel Consultant about the whale watching tours during your trip to Kauai.

You can also spot whales from Kauai’s many beautiful beaches, including Poipu Beach on the South Shore, and from scenic spots like Kilauea Lighthouse and the Napali Coast’s Kalalau Trail on the North Shore. On the East Side, the Kapaa Overlook between Kapaa Town and Kealia Beach is another notable viewing spot. So, keep your eyes peeled, you never know when you will see these gentle giants

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideKayaking and Paddle Boarding on Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai Paddle Boarding

Similar to surfing (but using a longer, wider board), stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) has become an increasingly popular activity over the past several years. On the island of Kauai, you’ll often find paddlers on the sparkling blue waters of Hanalei Bay, Poipu Beach or Kalapaki Beach. You can easily find rental places on the islands to hook you up with gear, and often-times lessons as well, if you’re new to the sport!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideKauai Kayaking

Kauai is home to the only passable rivers in Hawaii, so kayaking is an essential part of a unique Kauai getaway. You can relax and take in the scenery as you paddle down the Wailua River which passes through lush, jungle landscapes along with island’s East Side. Other river routes include the Huleia River from Nawiliwili Harbor in Lihue, as well as the Hanalei River on the North Shore, the longest on the island.

If you’re up for a more difficult challenge, ocean kayaking is a seasonal option to experience Kauai by sea. On the South Shore, try the Poipu to Port Allen course with a stop in Lawai Bay. When conditions are calm, kayaking along the 17-mile Napali Coast is unforgettable. “National Geographic” deemed kayaking the Napali Coast the second-best adventure in the country!

Because this can be a physically demanding activity and the seas can be unpredictable, booking a tour through your TierOne Travel Consultant is the best thing to do for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Best Restaurants on Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideRed Salt

Red Salt’s diverse menu by acclaimed Executive Chef and Kauai native Noelani Planas celebrates fresh Hawaiian seafood and produce in a casual yet sophisticated seaside atmosphere. Red Salt features modern and unique cuisine options, such as vanilla bean-seared mahi, ahi tartare, and the decadently-layered Red Salt burger. On select nights, the Red Salt Lounge is host to a sushi bar that features the day’s freshest catch in inventive, isle-inspired rolls. For breakfast, Red Salt offers tropical takes on traditional breakfast dishes, such as lobster benedict and lemon-pineapple soufflé pancakes, which was featured by the Food Network!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideLappert’s Hawaii

Lappert’s has simply the best ice cream on the island and is a ‘must stop’ on Kauai! Lappert’s Hawaii’s products are made fresh daily in small batches right in Hanapepe, Kauai. At Lappert’s Hawaii, they make everything by hand from scratch using only the finest ingredients in their ice cream, coffee, and bakery goodies. Lappert’s is so popular that it is rare if there isn’t a line-up, but all their delicious snacks and coffee make the wait so worth it.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideGaylord’s Restaurant

Gaylord’s has been an island tradition since 1986. This award-winning restaurant offers one of Kauai’s most beautiful settings for dining. Seated around the Kilohana Plantation’s original courtyard, your table will have views of Mt. Waialeale in the distance. Enjoy fresh, delicious flavors in their island-influenced seafood dishes, and traditional meat selections. Gaylord’s uses only the freshest seasonal ingredients while supporting Kauai’s local farmers and fishermen.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

Duke’s Canoe Club

In tribute to Hawaii’s famous swimmer, surfer, and Olympic athlete Duke Kahanamoku, Duke’s offers visitors some laid-back island culture! With a lovely indoor waterfall, live music, and offering up fresh local seafood, it’s not surprising that customers are known to return again and again. Duke’s features a popular salad bar, and the hula pie here (a house special) is not-to-be-missed!

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideHanalei Dolphin Restaurant and Fish Market

The Dolphin Restaurant has been a favorite for visitors and locals alike since the early 1970’s. It is known for its fresh seafood, incredible service, serene riverside ambiance and a World Class sushi lounge! Its outdoor seating along the Hanalei River is surrounded by lush greenery that offers a tropical feel to your dining experience. Reservations are a must for dinner here, while walk ins for lunch are usually accepted.

Kauai’s Best Beaches

North Shore Beaches

Haena Beach Park features a scenic backdrop of Mount Makana (Bali Hai) and is perfect for a day of relaxing or for some amazing shot of the sunset.

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideKee Beach is located in the Haena Beach park at the end of Highway 560. The reefs here make for great shoreline snorkeling on calm days, or you might be able to see some peeks of the Napali Coast while you relax on the sand. Kee Beach is also where you’ll find the trailhead for the Napali Coast’s Kalalau Trail.

Anini Beach Park features miles of white sandy beach protected by a huge coral reef. The quiet lagoon and tranquil waters are perfect for beginning snorkelers and windsurfers.

East Side Beaches

Lydgate Beach Park is shielded from the open ocean by a lava rock wall, making the snorkeling lagoon at Lydgate a safe and popular place for kids to play. Restrooms, picnic grounds and lifeguards are available at this family-friendly East Side beach.

Kealia Beach Park is a half-mile stretch of golden coast that hugs the curve of Highway 56. Its long sand-bar bottom provides a nice surf break. Swim or boogie board near the north end, where a breakwater creates a protected area.

Kalapaki Beach fronts the Marriott Kauai Beach Club. Pack a picnic, grab some shaved ice and watch Kauai surfers ride the waves. The beach is partially protected from the open ocean, creating calm and safe conditions for kids.

South Shore Beaches

Popular with both visitors and locals, Poipu Beach Park is a lovely crescent-shaped beach offers crystal-clear waters and sometimes an occasional Hawaiian monk seal appearance! (If you are lucky enough to spot a monk seal, please be respectful by staying at least 100 feet away and refrain from flash photography, as they are currently on the endangered species list.) With lifeguards, picnic facilities, showers, and a natural wading pool, it’s also a great destination for a family beach day. There’s a bodyboarding site directly in front of the park, a surfing site for experienced surfers, and a good reef for snorkeling adventures. From December through April, you can sometimes even spot humpback whales in the distance! There’s so much to do at this beach, it’s easy to see why this is one of Kauai’s most popular beaches.

West Side Beaches

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideSalt Pond Beach Park is located near Hanapepe and is an inviting park that is an ideal setting to relax, swim or explore the shallow tide pools.

Kekaha Beach is a favorite local surf and fishing spot located on the far west side Kauai. This long, sandy stretch is also great place to relax and scope out the sunset. At times, strong winds and currents can make Kekaha Beach dangerous for swimming, so be aware of the conditions.

Kauai Resorts We Recommend

Kauai, Hawaii Travel Guide

Waipouli Beach Resort & Spa Kauai by Outrigger

Waipouli Beach Resort Kauai by Outrigger is perfectly situated in the island community of Kapaa. This deluxe oceanfront condominium property offers luxurious units with rich hardwood furnishings, gourmet kitchens, and spacious baths. A beautiful, heated river pool flows through the two-acre property – and features flumed water slides. Near the Coconut MarketPlace, a charming open-air dining and shopping destination with several stores and eateries. The surrounding neighborhood is filled with shops offering great souvenirs, a wide variety of restaurants and water sports rentals to go water skiing or kayaking.

Your health and well-being are most important. Outrigger’s Clean Commitment provides the highest standards for health and safety at each property. Here are a couple protocols that have been implemented to ensure everyone’s safety:

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideGrand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa

Getaway to the soothing white sands of Poipu on Kauai’s sunny south shore at the Grand Hyatt Kauai Resort & Spa. This luxury oasis has lush gardens and acres of pools! You can enjoy oceanview dining, rooms with private lanais, championship golf and the Anara Spa. Lounge the day away at award-winning multi-level pools and saltwater lagoon. Float down lava-rock lined lazy river pool past waterfalls, quiet seating nooks, secret caves and a 150-foot waterslide!

As Hyatt welcomes you back, you can have peace of mind knowing they are taking precautionary measures across Hyatt hotels worldwide in an effort to maintain a safe environment for guests, customers and colleagues. Here are just a couple precautionary measures they’ve put in place:

Kauai, Hawaii Travel GuideKauai Marriott Resort

Come to Kauai, the Garden Island of Hawaii, and treat yourself to breathtaking bay views and beachside fun at the Kauai Marriott Resort. Ideally set in Lihue, just two miles from the airport, this stylish, contemporary resort hotel features top-tier amenities and modern rooms and suites with panoramic ocean, garden, or pool views. Dine on-site at five restaurants, bask in the Lihue sun, surf in the bay or float around in the largest one-level outdoor pool in Hawaii. Workout on your own schedule in our 24-hour fitness center or book a pampering treatment or massage at the hotel’s on-site spa. Whatever brings you to the island, the Kauai Marriott Resort looks forward to welcoming you with the spirit of Aloha.

As part of Marriott International’s family of brands, they have implemented a variety of new protocols and elevated practices, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and keeping with high standards of cleanliness and commitment to providing excellent service.

Events and Festivals on Kauai, Hawaii

Waimea Town Celebration

Kauai’s largest and oldest festival is held over nine days in February and celebrates Hawaiian culture. There are events such as eating contests, music in the park, a film festival and more!

Prince Kuhio Day Celebration

The Prince Kuhio Day Celebration takes place each March. You can enjoy live music, entertainment, and hula performances in celebrating the past and embracing the future of Prince Kuhio’s legacy located at Anahola Beach Park. There are educational, cultural, health and wellness exhibits that are enjoyable for the whole family. There are food and craft booths, too!

Taste of Hawaii

Considered to be the premier food and wine tasting event located on Kauai, Taste of Hawaii includes live music and a silent auction. This has been an annual event for over 30 years, happening every year in June!

Koloa Plantation Days

Koloa Plantation Days is held on Kauai’s south shore every year in July. This festival see Old Koloa Town transform into a gathering place for food, entertainment, and a parade honoring Koloa’s multicultural heritage. It is also a celebration of Kauai’s historic sugar industry boom. The many ethnic groups that came to Hawaii to work on sugar plantations, and the Hawaiians who welcomed them, are celebrated through music, a parade, dance, costumes, food and more throughout this ten-day festival.

Kauai Marathon

Kauai’s tropical paradise is the backdrop for this world-class event each September. The Kauai Marathon and Half Marathon participants pass hula dancers and Taiko drum troupes along the course in front of a backdrop of striking mountain and ocean views.  Each runner concludes his or her journey along one of the most beautiful oceanfront finishes in road racing!

Kauai Mokihana Festival

This week-long celebration of Hawaiian culture takes place each September and  includes education lectures, cultural presentations, music, composition concert and contest, and hula competitions.

Kauai Chocolate and Coffee Festival

The festival takes place in October in the historic Hanapepe town on the southwest side of the island near the Kauai Coffee Visitors Center. It includes chocolate samplings and coffee tastings as well as tours, workshops, demonstrations, informational talks, and live entertainment.

The Eo E Emalani I Alakai Festival

In Kokee State Park, this festival pays homage to Queen Emma’s journey across the Alakai forest and swamp. This day of the festival in October is full of beauty, as the mountain forests echo with sounds of Hawaiian music and chants during this very special festival. It is not a competition, but a very special sharing of love and aloha.

Holiday Craft Fair

This craft fair features a day of holiday shopping & entertainment in December each year. It happens on the grounds of the Kauai Museum. You can purchase your Christmas gifts from a variety of local food vendors and Kauai made craft vendors jewelry, clothing and more.

Kauai Tour Operators


WestJet flies directly to Lihue, Kauai from Vancouver and also offers connections from all other major Canadian airports. Flights to Kauai don’t resume until the end of October 2021.

To accommodate your changing travel needs and put your Safety Above All, WestJet is offering no-charge COVID-19 travel insurance coverage travel to and from Hawaii until August 31, 2021.

Upon boarding, each guest is provided with sanitization wipes. You will also find a snack and bottled water at your seat when you board your flight!

Air Canada

With Air Canada you can’t get to Kauai directly, but you can still get there with connections through Vancouver and San Francisco!

Air Canada Vacations’ new COVID-19 Coverage & Assistance Plan, administered by Allianz Global Assistance and available to travellers at no additional cost who book a vacation package to Hawaii for travel between Sept. 4, 2020 and April 30, 2021. Plus, for added peace of mind, Air Canada Vacations’ CareFlexPlus travel protection is now offered for free!

Shortly after boarding your flight, you will receive a Customer Care Kit, containing a mask, antiseptic wipes, hand sanitizer, water bottle, a headset, and a snack.

Cancun is a perfect and safe destination for Canadians to vacation to


If you’re itching to travel with a bad case of the Travel Bug, we hope that our recommendation of Kauai as a safe destination to travel to in Hawaii has been helpful in assisting you to plan your winter getaway!

Read our blog all about Hawaii as a safe travel destination, and all of the beautiful islands you can visit.

We’re always here to help you plan your trip and answer your travel-related questions. Reach out to your TierOne Travel Consultant if you have any questions to ask, or are ready to book your relaxing sunny getaway!


Before you travel, be sure you have enough coverage. Travel insurance will provide you with peace of mind on your vacation.

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Mandatory PCR Testing for Entry into Canada

In an effort to continue to take action to protect the health and safety of Canadians, the Government of Canada has introduced a new measure to help prevent further transmission of the COVID-19 virus and new variants of the virus into Canada.

Read our PCR Testing Frequently Asked Questions blog

PCR Testing Requirements: Entry to Canada requirements during COVID-19 pandemic


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