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The London underground rail network is our #1 transportation choice to explore London

Often, travellers to London will take one look at London’s underground rail network map and begin to panic. Do not worry, there is a method to what appears to be madness, and the London underground (also called “the Tube”) is actually a very organized system.
You can arrive at the front door of most destinations in London using the underground railway, and this is the main reason that London’s underground map can appear so intimidating! This expansive railway network includes over 11 lines.
That being said, if you are looking to travel around central London (for example, from Paddington to Lancaster Gate) it is typically faster to walk. The reason for this is that Central London stations are very busy and getting on and off trains is more time consuming than walking.
To fully understand the distance between locations, we suggest using the Visit London App. This app provides offline maps, directions, things to do and see and even offers some coupons!

Things not to do in the London underground

Things to do in the London underground

Finding flow in the chaos

Although the London underground may seem very busy and chaotic from afar, once you are in the station and making your way to your train, you will see that it’s surprisingly organized.
The other major bonus to learning the underground on your vacation is that it will get you almost anywhere for a reasonable price. While taxis and renting cars can be very expensive, the underground can be a relaxing way to explore the city. To get you ready for your European vacation we have developed a European packing list that can help you pack your bags in under one hour!
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