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The Caribbean is a playground for all travellers including thrill seekers and sun soakers, party goers and nature lovers.
With over 7000 individual islands, 28 unique nations the Caribbean has it all, leaving visitors mesmerized, magnetized and yearning for more on each visit.
Because of all of it’s characteristics it can be hard to choose one island. Here we have compiled an adventure seeking travelers handguide to our top 5 favourite adventure spots in the Caribbean:
Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico boasts the longest zipline at 4,745 feet long and over 850 feet above ground, this is just the start of this adventure haven island.
Home to the Vieques National wildlife refuge and El Yunque rainforest it is no wonder that there is world class hiking scattered all over the island.
Surfing is another popular activity in PR at Rincon – a world class wave with spots for beginners and advanced surfers.
My favourite highlight in Puerto Rico is the nighttime jaw dropping glowing waters, thanks to the rich phytoplankton in these pristine waters, the ocean appears to have a turquoise, twinkling, glow at night, easily seen from Mosquito Bay.
Canyon tours also known as canyoneering is Dominicas top attraction. With over 5 active volcanos it’s ever changing landscape is epic.
The 300 miles of hiking trails can take you all over the island, for advanced hikers a trip to the boiling lake is an experience like no other. This grey coloured bubbling lake sits at an average of 198 degrees and is part of the Morne Trois Pitons National Park.
Off the land and into the water the adventure does not stop, with world class snorkeling and diving within easy reach of most shore lines.
Tobago is rich in diverse adventure from the hiking, biking and horseback riding through the cultural jungles to snorkeling and diving in the crystal clear waters.
Giant rays are an often attraction when diving in Tobago, these unique giant creatures come up close and personal with many divers leaving them hypnotized with their grace and beauty.
The island also has strong ties to its cultural roots, where traditions such as goat racing is still a common scene.
Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is home to the Caribbean’s tallest mountain Pico Duarte, needless to say the hiking and mountain biking on this island is amazing. Ranging from beginner to advanced trails, there is something for everyone.
But, the adventure does not stop there. DR offers hundreds of repelling tours into rivers, waterfalls, caves and more! And, for even more adventure, head into the water for world class kite boarding, surfing, snorkeling and diving.
Belize has become world known for the “blue hole”. There are 178 blue holes in Belize and 50 of them are in the ocean. These blue holes become a sanctuary for unique marine life and a divers dream. Once inside the hole, it opens up to a series of tunnels becoming an underwater maze and an extreme divers ideal dive.
Back on land the adventure continues into the dense mainland jungle where culture is very predominant and trekking is optimal.
We would love to hear from you! Where is your favourite Caribbean adventure travel destination? What do you love about it?
The Caribbean is a magical place and we hope wherever your travels may take you it is filled with adventure, uniqueness and rich Caribbean culture.