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Cruising routes now touch every corner of the globe. In fact, you can even reach every corner of the globe in a single cruising route if you take a world cruise.

All these choices make choosing a cruise route an exhilarating process with a hint of overwhelm.

We suggest starting with three easy steps to narrow down the choices and make the process manageable. After all, who wants to get stressed planning a vacation? Seems counterproductive to us!

Follow these three steps and you will be smooth sailing in no time:

Step 1: destination

Choosing a destination can be as simple as warm or cold? Adventure or relaxation? Culture? Indulgence? Or a bit of both?

Another option is to pull out a map and choose a continent or area of travel. From there, you can research routes that travel those areas.

Step 2: Price range

The great thing about all of the cruising options we have today is that budget can vary drastically on any given route. Set your budget with your destination in mind. You can have a wide range, but make sure that you are staying realistic and true to your goals.
There are many budgeting structures when planning a cruise, so having a price range on your budget is the best way to ensure that you find a cruise that fits with all the trimmings you deserve.

Step 3: line

Once you have a destination and price range set, you can now look at cruise lines that serve your chosen route. Comparing prices is easy, but keep in mind what matters to you most as a traveller.
Do you want to be on a larger or smaller sized ship? What kind of stateroom are you looking for? Do you want a lot of flexibility in your itinerary? All these questions are important things to take into consideration.

Our travel specialists have extensive knowledge in all areas of cruising and wanted to share their love of travel and cruising with you.

We asked some of them to share their favourite cruising routes and here is what they said:
“2 come to mind immediately… Loved LOVED Tahiti and Marquesas and the Mediterranean, preferably an open jaw route, not roundtrip port ex Rome to Venice” – Angela B
“Personally, I love river cruising in Europe. Love the Rhone, Seine, Danube, Rhine equally.” – Anita S

“Copenhagen to New York City via Iceland and Greenland.” – Laurie C
“Panama Canal, Baltic, Mediterranean” – Susan M
“I LOVE the Caribbean. I love cruise routes where only the smaller cruises ships can get into. Places like British Virgin Islands, St Bart’s, Barbuda, Guadeloupe.” – Angela K

“South Pacific, South America, Transcanal, and any European” – Jack S
Each cruise line provides something unique and special for their guests. If you can find a line that fulfills your individual desires as part of their itinerary or packages you have a match made in heaven.

At TierOne Travel we have a wide range of travel specialist who are ready to help you find the perfect match.