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Group travel is all about bringing travelers together from all around the world to discover new cultures together, while taking the hassle and stress out of traveling.

Group travel is an incredible way to meet new friends, experience a new and incredible destination together, and create memories to last a lifetime!

With group travel, you don’t have to worry about planning any of the details yourself. You’ll receive great accommodation, local guides, transportation, and amazing experiences through your Group Travel supplier, and the best part is that they’re usually all included and scheduled for you!

Navigating a new and unfamiliar country can be tough, but taking part in group travel means you are able to “go with the flow” and spend more time relaxing, and less time planning every individual detail.

Here are some great destination options for group travel:

  • Vietnam is a very popular destination for group travel, and it’s easy to see why. It offers amazing food and so much beautiful nature to explore, as it is teeming with jungles, beaches, and mountains. Vietnam also has a fascinating history and culture.
  • Morocco’s bustling medinas, vibrant landscapes and ancient cities are right out of your travel dreams. Pay a visit to the blue city of Chefchaouen, get lost in the famous historic quarter of Fes, and spend a night under the stars among the dunes of the stunning Sahara Desert.
  • Jordan is an underrated favourite among travellers. From the crystal blue waters of the Red Sea to the salty waters of the Dead Sea, this country is filled with friendly people, great tasting food, and amazing sights. But Jordan’s crowning jewel is Petra, and the famous Treasury is a breathtaking architectural masterpiece. The walking trails up to the various high points of the city provide views for days!
  • Peru is a nature lover’s paradise. With a variety of trek options (or a train ride) to reach the iconic architectural wonder that is Machu Picchu, this is a bucket-list item that lives up to expectations. Make sure to explore the Amazon Jungle, experience the floating islands of Lake Titicaca and sample some ceviche in the foodie scene of Lima.
  • In Egypt, the Pyramids of Giza are an absolute must-see, but don’t forget about the Sphinx, Luxor’s Valley of the Kings, and the temples of Abu Simbel. Experience the chaos of exploring a marketplace in Cairo or maybe a relaxing cruise down the Nile in a traditional felucca is more your speed.

When you’re ready to begin discovering all of the amazing Group Travel options waiting for you, don’t hesitate to reach out. I can’t wait to help you plan your next group adventure!

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