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So, you’re ready for a holiday?

‘Tis the season that people start planning and dreaming about escaping somewhere tropical. The truth is, that daydream doesn’t have to stay a dream for long. Today, we are lucky to have a competitive airline market that makes flying to every corner of the globe accessible.
It doesn’t take magic to score a great deal – all you need to do is to follow a few simple tips.

Our tops tips for booking your next vacation

1. Use a travel specialist

Many travellers today opt-out of using a travel specialist because they believe that they can get the same prices online. Unfortunately, that is not the case.
Travel agents deal in bulk and often get access to flight and vacation deals that don’t make it online for the public to view or purchase.
Another reason to use a travel agent is if you are booking a complex holiday or are not sure where you want to go. Travel specialists have earned their title for a good reason and are typically an expert in a wide range of travel types. At TierOne Travel we have travel specialists ranging from art & culture, romance, luxury, group, family, cruise, LGBTQ, business and sun and adventure, just to name a few.
Travel specialists can give you insider tips on where to go, what to do, what not to do, and can provide accurate budgeting options. They will also provide you with peace of mind and assistance during travel, which most travellers know is priceless.

2. Season

Time of year has an effect on travel prices. If you are looking to fly over December or the summer holidays, prices will typically be a bit higher, as demand increases.
However, it is not uncommon for resorts to put out winter specials to attract travellers during those busy times. Talk to your travel agent about upcoming winter vacation deals.
If you are flexible with your time off, travelling in the offseason will be cheaper. Months such as January, February and May are proven year after year to be less costly.

3. Airport

If you are located in an area with a few different airport options, it’s best to check out all possible routes. Typically, the larger the airport, the cheaper it is to fly from, as more flights are leaving from it each day.
However, smaller low-cost carriers sometimes only fly from certain airports. Your travel agent can help you determine the best airport option for your route and budget.

4. Booking time

It used to be the case that waiting last minute to book your vacation would guarantee you a good chance of scoring the best deals. Those days are sadly over.
In today’s competitive market, the earlier you can book is typically best for scoring the best price. Booking last minute will leave you with restricted route options, higher prices and multiple stopovers.
As soon as you know your available dates, it’s time to start looking into options.

5. Flexibility

We are aware that not everyone has the luxury of being flexible with vacation time due to various commitments.
Even just one variable can help you secure a better deal. For example, maybe you know the dates that you want to travel but are flexible with where you want to go. Or, perhaps you know your destination but are flexible with when you leave. Flexibility can even be an openness to travelling on other days of the week.
Your travel specialist will have a plethora of different questions to ask to ensure that they are accommodating to your fixed and flexible travel options.

What are your options?

Knowledge is key. When planning a vacation, obtaining all of the information possible is the key to making your dreams come true for the best possible price.
Once you have all of the information gathered, you can decide for yourself when the right time to jet-off will be. Our travel specialists take care of all of the research and important questions for you, making it easy for you to sit back and enjoy the booking process, ultimately allowing you to make all of the big decisions in a relaxed, educated way.
Enjoy your holiday, the right way.
Talk to one of our TierOne Travel specialists today to start exploring your options for planning and booking your ideal winter getaway.
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