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Sometimes life calls for us to sit back, relax and enjoy some sand between our toes!

In today’s faced-paced world, it’s crucial to put time aside for our own mental well-being. Self-care can increase production, happiness and overall health.
Our environment is filled with distractions and obligations; sometimes the only way to fully detach and unwind is by changing your surroundings completely for an extended period of time.
Research suggests that at least eight consecutive days on vacation will allow for enough time to fully relax, both mentally and physically.
All travel has the ability to calm the mind, body and spirit. However, some destinations provide an ideal environment to aid in the relaxation process.

Top exotic destinations to de-stress

Milaidhoo, Maldives

The Maldives has won countless awards for the best spas in the world. All of the islands have something special to offer and it was difficult to pick just one for relaxation.
Milaidhoo is located in the heart of a UNESCO biosphere reserve. It is stunningly beautiful and shockingly quiet. Whether you want to snorkel all day or lay back with a good book in your overwater hammock, this is the island to do it! Enjoy luxury, privacy, beauty and remoteness all in one on Milaidhoo.

Ubud, Indonesia

If relaxing on the beach is not your thing, you should seriously consider unwinding in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. This jungle paradise is filled with tree-top cafes, yoga studios and wellness centres. There are also some world-class resorts in Ubud that provide luxurious environments to kick back and de-stress. Picture yourself poolside, surrounded by jungle, swinging monkeys, and tropical birds while indulging in smoothie bowls, massages and ayurvedic treatments ­- that is Ubud.

Nosara, Costa Rica

If your way of relaxing is being active, then Nosara provides surfing, hiking, snorkelling, turtles watching and more. It offers a quiet, laid-back atmosphere dusted with luxury, helping you to feel as if you are on a retreat created just for you. Nosara is a district located on Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula. There is a beach perfect for all levels of surfing, a wildlife rehabilitation sanctuary and ample yoga centres. There is a diverse range of offerings when it comes to accommodations, from beach huts to five-star luxury resorts, all depending on your budget and preferences. Get back to nature in Nosara!

Tahiti, French Polynesia

Tahiti is known as ‘The Queen of the Pacific’ and truly shines for travellers looking for pristine beauty. Tahiti has two regions; we suggest Tahiti-Iti, as it is slightly more remote, untouched and perfect for couples or solo travellers. The beaches in Tahiti-Iti have been rated some of the most relaxing beaches in the world due to their secluded, untouched vibes. Overwater bungalows are also available in Tahiti if you prefer to relax in your own private overwater hammock or infinity pool. If you feel like exploring, there is lots to do including volcanos, waterfalls and lagoons. If you are looking for an escape to somewhere exotic, Tahiti celebrates exoticness like no other destination with its rugged jungle terrain and dramatic black sand beaches.

Kauai, Hawaii

Even the most novice travellers or those new to giving themselves some ‘me-time’ will find serenity in Kauai. The relaxation is contagious here.
Kauai is home to some of the most beautiful spots on earth including Hanalei Bay, Waimea Canyon and Na Pali Coast. Kauai is not far to travel, is safe, and has world-class resorts making it an ideal location for first-time travellers, seasoned travellers or families. Spend your days on the beach learning to surf, floating in the water with turtles or enjoying some land activities like hiking the Waimea Canyon (which has enough trails to keep you busy your entire vacation) or driving the super scenic Na Pali Coast. Even if you are staying away from the main town, take a trip down to see this quaint little town filled with fresh seafood restaurants and unique one-of-a-kind shops. Feel miles away from it all in Kauai.

How will you choose to de-stress?

Taking time for yourself has undeniable benefits and when we relax for a prolonged period of time, those benefits gain lasting momentum.
Like all travellers, all destinations are different. To find your own personal serenity destination, contact one of our TierOne Travel Specialists. They are seasoned in creating vacations that meet and exceed expectations.
There are so many places in the world that offer so many beautiful things to see that we can all find our personal place of bliss.