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What’s on your bucket list this year?

As we enter 2018, everyone is out to achieve something different and amazing. However, most of our bucket list ideas have a large element of joy attached to them. Joy is an interesting thing because, it means something unique to every person, which is also what makes it so joyful to experience.
What is it that brings you joy? The logical next question is then, why aren’t you doing more of that this year?
For many of us travel is that thing that brings us joy. In fact, a recent study concluded that travel does make us happier, by allowing us to experience the ideal vision of ourselves.
Another study links skipped vacation time to poor cardiac health, this epidemic of working hard and not playing, is taking a toll on our health, both mental and physical.
This year trust your instincts and escape on vacation when necessary.
Another common excuse for missed vacation is that we can’t decide where to go. There are so many stunning, exciting place to go how can one ever choose which one to explore first?!
We are here to help, in this article we have compiled a list of our favourite destinations that inspire us and bring more joy and happiness into our lives.
Whether you are seeking adventure this year, or just a little more ‘me time’ these unique destinations will speak to you.

Best Wildlife encounters

Galapagos Island
From land to sea you will not be disappointed at the creatures you will meet.

Best Wellness Retreat

Miraval, Arizona
Where purpose meets imagination. Where wellness becomes reality.

Best Adventure destination

New Zealand
Offering a huge range of mild – extreme adventure, starting from the mountains down to the ocean and including every valley in between.

Best Foodie Destination

Tokyo, Japan
Boasting the highest density of Michelin Star restaurants than anywhere else on the plant and not to forget the famed street food to fill out the days.

Best Hiking Destination

Inca Trail, Peru
Each year it seems that this destination and trail become more accredited. No surprise as it’s filled with culture and stunning scenery.

Best Scuba Diving Location

Blue Corner Wall, Palau, Micronesia
If you’re a diver you already know about this spot, and it’s likely on your list.

Best Safari

Zarafa Camp, Selinda Reserve, Botswana
Luxury, conservation, and adventure all seamlessly come together at this unique reserve.

Best Photography Destination

Hawaii, all four main islands
The landscape in Hawaii provides the perfect backdrop for any picture. Dramatic land, sprinkled with lush vegetation, lapping against crystal clear blue water basically sums up these beautiful islands.

Best Beach Destination

Fiji has topped beach destination lists all around the world for many years. Its range of beaches, turquoise waters, and white powder sand, makes it hard to deny this title.

Best Remote Destination

Looking to get off the grid and experience something different? Antarctica has all that and more.

Best Budget Destination

All inclusive resorts come in a wide range of styles and prices in Mexico. They can also be found in most/ many areas of the country, making it a top spot for budget-conscious vacation travellers.

Best Luxury Destination

The Brando, French Polynesia
This private island is indescribable. Equipt with all the finest pleasures in life, while beautifully reflecting the Polynesian culture and lifestyle.

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