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Can you believe there are only three months left in the year?

As you and your family are starting to miss those long summer days, and warm summer heat, it’s time to start thinking about where your next family-friendly travel destination is going to be.

Our favourite ideas for winter family getaways

Walt Disney World

Disney World is a good idea for families any time of year. However, it becomes an even more magical in the winter.
Long lasting memories are created within the walls of Disney and kids seize to get old of its majestic tales and infinite wonder. If you are looking for a holiday that your family will remember for years to come – this is it.
The epicentre of Disney magic happens over Christmas. With daily snow falls, Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and Holidays at Universal Orlando Resort there is plenty to see and do. The true Christmas spirit is felt all over the resort. You are guaranteed to have the kids grinning ear to ear and sleeping the whole night after a few days in this winter wonderland.
Other great things about Disney is the weather, accommodation and flight time. In Orlando, winter temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees. Because of this, you can feel as if you are miles away from a Canadian winter by only flying for 5 hours. If you have ever been to Disney World, you know that there are hotels, resorts, villas and more available for accommodation. Book your accommodation far in advance to make sure that you find a wide range of options that fit your budget.
Disney is popular, so plan ahead and book early.

Oahu, Hawaii

There is always something exciting about escaping to an island in the winter time. You feel as if the problems of the world are left behind, and you can focus on soak up the sun rays, beach and island culture
Many people opt for Hawaii because of its safety, familiarity and short flight time. All of these things are ideal for any family vacation but, there is more to Hawaii than just that.
To start with, there is a great bus transportation system that allows travellers to get around the island without having to worry about drivers or renting cars. There are also countless family activities including surfing lessons, snorkelling, hiking, submarine tours, pineapple plantation tours, Luaus, wildlife tours, cultural centres, zoo, aquarium, sea life park, and more!
Hawaii is a good bet for an active, safe and sunny winter family getaway.

Costa Rica

If your family likes nature, you will want to look into Costa Rica. The beautiful beaches and rainforest, provide adventure for everyone, in an unreal setting.
One of our favourite family-friendly activities is a wildlife safari. Kids will be amazed by seeing wildlife at its finest, in its natural environment. Here, they really get the opportunity to appreciate and understand the ecosystem.
As a family, you also have the opportunity to learn a few things when travelling around Costa Rica. The country has done an amazing job with its eco-friendly efforts and is now considered one of the greenest countries in the world, with a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2020.
Immersing your kids into such a green culture at the same time as allowing them to see the beautiful creatures that are affected by it, is a formula for huge impact and life lasting memories.
It’s a beautiful gift to be able to give this knowledge to children and family members alike.


Another great island getaway is the Bahamas. It’s sunny blue skies, and family-friendly accommodation makes it a popular destination for families every winter.
There are numerous family-friendly resorts in the Bahamas that don’t only welcome families but, support them with endless entertainment, kids clubs, on-site babysitters and diverse dining options.
The Atlantis is one of the most famous family-friendly resorts in the Bahamas. They promote activities for kids of all ages with a toddler, kids, preteen and teens club. Activities include an underwater sea world, water park, multiple swimming pools, daily kids club activities, wildlife interactions, Dolphin Cay and more.
You are guaranteed to leave the Bahamas with a tan, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and a lusting to stay longer.


A cruise is a great idea for a family vacation. Kids of all ages are welcome onboard and if they choose can attend the age-specific kid’s clubs….giving mom and dad full days of pampering and sun soaking.
The mix of family activities on land at ports and the diverse offerings on the ship, allows the family the perfect blend of enough alone time and family time to create lasting happy memories.
Often parents are not sure if a cruise is a place for kids and likewise kids are worried that they will be bored. However, this is far from the truth. In recent years cruise lines have made huge strides in accommodating kids and families. One of our top picks for family cruising is the Royal Caribbean; they offer diverse activities, entertainment, and a promenade right on the ship hosting parades and special events.
Kids get the chance to be kids and meet new friends within the kid’s clubs. It’s often the case that lifelong friendships are made onboard, which is a big reason families return to the same ships, year after year.

What getaway is the best match for your family?

Each family is different. Our experienced travel specialists love to plan and create detailed, personalized itineraries that will suit your family’s unique needs.
With only a few months left in the year, let’s start planning today!
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